Author and radio host Michael Brown contends that millions of Americans have confused "patriotism with loyalty to the kingdom of God," which he will discuss in his upcoming book entitled "The Political Seduction of the Church."

The book scheduled for release this coming September highlights how American Christians have muddled the Gospel with politics, and how "this is very dangerous," as Brown described.

According to Christian Headlines, in an interview by John Cooper in his podcast, Cooper Stuff, Brown was heard stating that there is an unhealthy mix-up of the Gospel with politics in Christian Nationalism. He defined it with the imagery of the cross being wrapped by the American flag.

Brown warned about Christian nationalism as a danger to the church and the labeling of many Christians as "Christian Nationalists" just because their votes are for the Republicans or their support is for the former President Donald Trump as wrong.

According to the author, he saw this heightened when Trump became president. "I began to see a very, very unhealthy joining together of Messianic hope for the kingdom of God and the success of America - or that somehow the goals of the gospel would be realized through Republican talking points," Brown narrated.

'Hope Is In Jesus, Not In America'

Also the author of the newly released book, "The Silencing of the Lambs", Brown explained that our stand against abortion should be because we value life as followers of Jesus, and shouldn't be because we "sleep next to an American flag."

People's hope should not be in America, but in Jesus Christ, as Brown boldly stated in Cooper Stuff podcast.

He went on to say that our decisions and choices should be driven by our Christian beliefs and that we can fight against the evil in our culture without having to embrace Christian nationalism like how William Carey fought against India's "widow burning" and how American abolitionists' stood up against slavery.

Thus, for his upcoming book, Brown made sure to present different opinions and perspectives to the readers y working with brothers and sisters in black, Hispanic, and Asian denominations.

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Spiritual And Moral, America's Greatest Problem

In an article that Brown wrote a week ago on his website, he prompted that what America needs is a spiritual revival and awakening.

Following a message that he received from an attorney friend saying that "political reprieve is insufficient" and that "only a revival will save the nation", the author said that he couldn't agree more on his diagnosis of the problem of America. He also quoted his friend saying, "I've never seen so much focus on pride month as in this year, and the culture has largely caved into joining the celebration of sin," and went on concluding that election has no such power spiritual renewal in changing what are needed to be changed in America.

He emphasized the significance and urgency of personal and corporate repentance, the centrality of prayer, evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting, and the desperate need for healthy reconciliation.

Brown exclaimed that spiritual and moral are America's greatest problems, which have led to all the large and controversial challenges we are facing in society, politics, and the economy.

"Unless the heart is cured, the body will die," the author desperately wrote.

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