Peter Maiden, the former international director of Operation Mobilisation and former chairman of the Keswick Convention, passed away on Monday at the age of 72. Peter Maiden's commitment to OM was shown as his last book, Radical Gratitude, was published this month by IVP and speaks of how an attitude of thankfulness is the key to joy. 

Maiden served as an elder in his local church, on the Board of Trustees for Capernwray Hall and its Bible School, and as Chairmen of Trustees of the Keswick Convention.

OM stated and reported that Maiden demonstrated a quiet steadiness and under his leadership and guidance, new ministries developed and expanded increasingly. 

"He will be remembered for his servanthood, which both encouraged and challenged those around him." 

OM wrote: "Peter emphasized the spirituality of OM team members and the importance of God's Word permeating the entire life of Jesus followers. While leading a life of total surrender to Jesus in both his public and personal life, he demonstrated a quiet steadiness, coupled with a visionary passion for seeing the lives of people around the world changed by Jesus Christ. Under his leadership and guidance, new ministries developed as part of OM's growing holistic approach to mission, and leadership expanded, particularly in Africa, Latin America, and Asia."