An Instagram photo posted by voice actor Shawn Fonteno hinted that Rockstar Games may be reviving the rumored story DLC for "Grand Theft Auto V."

Fans of the game know Fontana as the voice and motion-capture model for Franklin Clinton, one of the three main characters of GTA V.

According to Gamespot, the photo shows Fonteno sitting on a chair inside Rockstar Games' office with a large cover poster for "Grand Theft Auto IV" behind him. Further supporting speculations that the voice actor is once again working with the studio for another GTA V content, Fonteno was wearing a motion-capture suit when the photo was taken.

Since the game first came out in 2013, and if Rockstar Games has no plans of releasing new content for GTA V, then this means that Fonteno should not be working on the latest installment of the series anymore.

But, given the fact that he was pictured inside the studio's office wearing the special suit clearly indicates that Rockstar Games is working on something new. And, with Fonteno onboard, this project could be the promised story DLC for the main game.

However, as noted by Techno Buffalo, Fonteno did not indicate in the Instagram post exactly when the picture was taken. It might have been snapped during GTA V's development around three years ago.

Fans of the "Grand Theft Auto" series have been waiting for the release of the story DLC ever since its development was first teased before the official Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launch of the game. But, due to the studio's other priorities, such as the debut of the game's Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC editions, work on the content update seemingly stopped.

Then, it September of last year, Rockstar Games made a move that ended up disappointing a lot of gamers. As reported by Metro, the studio has decided to stop supporting the last-gen versions of the game. This means only the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version will receive new content.

For some gamers, this also indicates that the company has abandoned the development of a possible story DLC in order to fully focus on the game's multiplayer mode, "GTA Online," and other future titles.

But, through Fonteno's social media post, the hope for a story DLC for GTA V has been revived. Hopefully, the voice actor or Rockstar Games will clarify the speculations surrounding the teaser photo soon.