Development studio Psyonix has just released the "Portal" DLC for its highly successful "Rocket League" game.

According to the developer, the content update contains various customization items based on the "Portal" series created by Valve, according to Gamespot.

As noted by Psyonix, the DLC is available for free for the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game and features items from the Aperture Science Laboratories, the facility that created the portal gun used in the "Portal" games.

Through the new DLC, fans of "Rocket League" will be able to get their hands on different types of Aperture-inspired items such as the cake (topper), propulsion gel (rocket trail), conversion gel (rocket trail), repulsion gel (rocket trail), Aperture Laboratories (antenna), )companion cube (antenna), cake sticker (antenna), personality core (antenna), and the potatOS (antenna).

According to the developer, the release of the "Portal" DLC was made possible through the help of Valve, which provided the licensed items to Psyonix.

"Yes, dear friends, in an amazing display of professional badassery, the fantastic folks at Valve Software have given 'Rocket League' players one of the coolest things they'll ever see in our game - officially-licensed 'Portal' customization items that are absolutely free," Psyonix wrote in the game's Steam page.

Once players get their hands on the DLC, they'll be able to unlock or receive the special "Portal" items after completing a match.

"Obtainable by playing a full game of 'Rocket League,' the official 'Portal' items are potentially rewarded at the end of every match, win or lose," the studio wrote. "All you have to do is keep playing until the match ends and your chance to earn a new Aperture-themed goodie of your very own."

The "Portal" DLC is the latest content update that Psyonix has released for "Rocket League" ever since the game officially came out in July of this year. Earlier in October, the studio brought a bit of nostalgic fun in the game by releasing the "Back to the Future Car Pack," MCVUK reported.

As its name suggests, the DLC came with the iconic DeLorean Time Machine that was featured in the classic film series. Complete with burnt rubber tracks, the time travelling car also features folding wheels and a rocket trail, just like in the movies.

According to Jeremy Dunham, the vice president of marketing at Psyonix, working on the "Back to the Future Car Pack" was a treat for members of the development team since they are all huge fans of the "Back to the Future" series.