Seohyun from Girls' Generation shared heart-breaking news with her fans on Instagram on Tuesday, Sept. 29. The SNSD member's dog Dubu passed away. Seohyun posted two photos and two videos of Dubu to Instagram. She also posted two photos with herself and Dubu. She said that Dubu died a few days ago, but she could not bring herself to share the news until now because she was recovering from the pain.

Seohyun captioned photos of Dubu as "our love Dubu" and "yawning Dubu." She wrote that "cute Dubu" made her entire family so happy during its lifetime. She asked her fans to pray that Dubu goes to a good place and thanked everyone for always showering her dog with affection and love, which must have made Dubu happy too.

“To tell the truth.. I have some sad news that has been hard for me to tell you all... It took me a very long time to move on, but now it's time to relay the news.. A while back my baby dubu who I love so, so much left us for heaven..," wrote 24-year-old Seohyun in a post. "Dubu was probably so happy to have received so much love from so many people.. I'm very thankful to everyone who liked and even loved Dubu.. Please pray that dubu has gone to a better place..^^”

Seohyun is known for her many philanthropic deeds, such as serving as an ambassador for Goodwill in 2010-2012 and working with UNICEF. She also donated a considerable amount of money to Dongguk University, her alma mater. In 2014, she donated her personal possessions in order to raise money for children suffering from the Syrian refugee crisis.

Seohyun was recruited into SNSD by SM Entertainment in 2007. She is one of five SNSD members who are credited as songwriters. Seohyun wrote “I Got A Boy,” “Baby Maybe,” “XYZ,” and “Only U.” Her singles were featured on dramas, ‘Kim Soo Ro,’ ‘Fashion King,’ and ‘Paradise Ranch.’

Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD is an eight-member girl group which formed in 2007 with S.M. Entertainment. The members of SNSD are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Seohyun, and Sooyoung. SNSD’s subgroup is called TaeTiSoo (TTS), a group of three members: Taeyeon (26), Tiffany (26), and Seohyun (24).