Kappa Kappa Tau sorority commences Hell Week for its new pledges in the midst of an ongoing investigation for the campus serial killer. Chanel Oberlin, the leader of KKT meets with Grace Gardner, a KKT legacy at a café to discuss the direction of the sorority.

Chanel tells Grace that she wants her to be Chanel #6, if Grace stops trying to make KKT a sorority based on “empowerment, sisterhood, and respect.” Grace refuses to back down and asks Chanel what made her so evil. Chanel says that she attributes her characteristics to her parents who are too busy for her, her boyfriend who compulsively cheats on her, and having no real friends.

Hell Week goes on as scheduled. The sisters bury the pledges in the lawn outside their mansion, with dirt up to their neck overnight. At 4 a.m., the pledges hear the roaring of a lawn mower. They scream as they see The Red Devil driving the lawn mower. The killer drives over deaf Taylor Swift, beheading her.

Early in the morning, news reporters and police officers arrive at Wallace University. Dean Cathy Munsch attempts to do damage control, before Wallace University becomes known as Murder U. Munsch takes the matter into her own hands and interrogates the KKT sisters. She asks where Ms. Bean and Chanel #2 are and tells the sisters that they are all under house arrest.

The sisters are all suspects. Munsch and Gigi Caldwell say that the investigation can take weeks. “It’s like a ‘Friends’ episode, only someone’s trying to murder all the friends,” says Gigi. Chanel tells the pledges that if any of them die while protecting a sister, they can miss the rest of Hell Week. Meanwhile, the sisters dispose of Chanel #2’s dead body in a freezer.

Hester Ulrich, also known as “Neckbrace,” comes up with a series of disturbing ways to get rid of Chanel #2’s body. Chanel calls Hester a psychopath. Hester asks if she can call the sisters “mom.” They only agree if Hester keeps a secret about Chanel #2’s body.

Gigi hires security guard Denise Hempville from the yellow pages. The sisters doubt Denise’s ability to protect all of them, since she does not have a gun. Denise says that she can protect them with her nightstick, pepper spray, and walkie talkie.

Grace is determined to take down Chanel and investigates the house with Pete Martinez. Grace finds a secret door in the basement. The door is locked and she finds out that only Chanel has the key to the room. Pete decides to dig up the dirt on KKT at the dean’s office.

Wes Gardner, Grace’s dad asks the dean for a job at the campus so that he can be near to his daughter. Wes is a professor.

Grace breaks down the locked door and finds a moldy wooden chest. She sees a bathtub with dried blood and other strange things in the room. Chanel sneaks up on Grace and tells her that this room is where KKT has kept its darkest secrets for decades.

Chanel tells Grace the story behind the bathtub. 20 years ago, a sister died in the tub while giving birth to a party during a wild party. Grace asks Chanel if that event has anything to do with what is happening to them now. “What happened to the baby?” asks Grace.

Chanel breaks up with Chad Radwell. Chad tells her that she is going to be sorry and that “nobody breaks up with Chad Radwell.” Later on, Chanel walks to Chad’s dormitory and apologizes for breaking up with him. Chad does not take her back and decides to break up with Chanel.

Pete searches for files on KKT at the dean’s office. The Red Devil knocks Pete out cold and hangs him up on a pillar. A note hangs around Pete’s neck, which reads “MYOB.” The Red Devil wants Pete to mind his own business. Pete and Grace meet up in Pete’s dorm. Grace opens his closet and finds The Red Devil costume hanging on the rack.

Pete explains that he is the school mascot during football games. “That’s the disguise the killer wears,” says Grace. Pete is accused of being a crazy stalker. Grace asks Pete how old he is. Pete is nineteen years old and he is turning 20 soon. “That’s how old the baby would be if it grew up,” says Grace. She is eighteen years old.

Wes parks his car in front of the KKT mansion to watch over Grace. Gigi goes into his car to talk to him and ends up going on a date with him for coffee. Munsch sees Wes and Gigi together and gets jealous.

Boone, Chad’s best friend tells Chanel that he wants to join KKT. Chanel is open to the idea, but the other sisters oppose it. Later at the house, the sisters make the pledges drink mayo shots, while drawing on their bodies with permanent markers on which areas they think the pledges need plastic surgery.

The Red Devil tries to push Chanel out of her bedroom window and leaves after writing a note on her wall. Shondell, the security guard’s best friend and Boone are killed by the Red Devil. Later on it is revealed that Boone is still alive and only faked his own death. Boone is in cahoots with the Red Devil.

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‘Scream Queens’ stars Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, Skyler Samuels as Grace Gardner, Lea Michele as Hester "Neckbrace" Ulrich, Glen Powell as Chad Radwell, Diego Boneta as Pete Martínez, Abigail Breslin as Chanel #5, Keke Palmer as Zayday Williams, Nasim Pedrad as Gigi Caldwell, Lucien Laviscount as Earl Grey, Oliver Hudson as Weston "Wes" Gardner, Billie Lourd as Chanel #3, Jamie Lee Curtis as Cathy Munsch, Ariana Grande as Chanel #2, Nick Jonas as Boone, Niecy Nash as Denise Hemphill, Jan Hoag as Ms. Bean, Breezy Eslin as Jennifer, Jeanna Han as Sam, Chelsea Ricketts as Amy, Anna Grace Barlow as Bethany, Grace Phipps as Mandy, McKaley Miller as Sophia, Whitney Meyer as Tiffany, Brianne Howey as Melanie Dorcas; Chanel's KKT presidential predecessor, Deneen Tyler as Shondell; Denise's friend and security guard, Evan Paley as Caufield, Austin Rhodes as Dodger, Aaron Rhodes as Roger, Jim Klock as Detective Chisolm, Tavi Gevinson as Feather, Charisma Carpenter as Mrs. Herfmann, Roger Bart as Dr. Herfmann, Jennifer Aspen as Mandy, Philip Casnoff as Cathy's husband, Patrick Schwarzenegger as Thad Radwell, Chad Michael Murray as Brad Radwell, Julia Duffy as Mrs. Radwell, Alan Thicke as Mr. Radwell.

The show’s creators are Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan. The executive producers are Alexis Martin Woodall, Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk, and Dante Li Loreto. Robert M. Williams Jr. produced the show. ‘Scream Queens’ is edited by Adam Penn and John Petaja. Its production companies are 20th Century Fox Television, Prospect Films, Ryan Murphy Productions, and Brad Falchuk Teley-vision.