Dan and Rochelle Kelly from Santa Cruz received the reverse 911 call for an evacuation due to ab approaching wildfire. 

Living in the mountains comes with risks. This family would come to see that all too well as the Kellys grabbed family photos, ancestry documents, irreplaceable paintings, their dog, and other important belongings. While their home and neighbor's homes were burned to the ground. 

Christian Post reported the tragedy and through the power of Christ, some have been able to settle temporarily and find the sense of hope that had previously been lacking in their lives. 

"On any disaster, we see that. Certainly, this one is not an exception. We are seeing God open opportunities not only for people to come and accept Him for the first time but just for believers to be encouraged."

Due to the wildfire, many families lost homes, belongings, and especially hope, however, many churches and church communities supported others who were in similar situations. One church in Santa Cruz prepared the sanctuary to become a shelter for the families who were unable to afford hotel rooms. "God does so many amazing things even though the devastation." Kristin Koning, Samaritan's Purse program manager stated. 

Christian Post shared that Kellys' are active members of an Episcopalian Church. Kellys' family mentioned that 'God might've been trying to speak to them through the survival of the Jesus figurine.'

Volunteers who traveled to Santa Cruz helped residents who were in need and Mount Hermon, a Christian camp near Felton provided a place to stay for three days or more. Throughout the wildfire, many believers sought  God and people found hope in Christ. At least 22 people made first-time decisions to follow Jesus. The Wildfire brought non-believers into Christianity and helped them gain a personal relationship with God. 

Throughout the encouraging moment, families who were affected by the wildfire have been protected and supported well by the Church communities.