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Olivia Cavallaro

Hobbiton movie set for "The Lord Of The Rings"

Chinese Citizens Dismayed As ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Pulled From Cinemas, Replaced With CCP Propaganda


Chinese box office reported an all time low revenue after the CCP pulled out Hollywood films and major showcases and replaced it with communist propaganda.READ MORE

College Of The Ozarks logo

College Of The Ozarks Sues Biden For Forcing Christian Schools To Let Biological Males Join Females In Dorms, Bathrooms


The Missouri Christian college filed a federal lawsuit this week over legislation that prevents discrimination based on gender and sexual identity as stipulated in the Fair Housing Act.READ MORE

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

White House Press Sec Grilled: Why Does Biden Admin ‘Insist’ Pro-Life Americans Pay For Abortions?


A Catholic reporter confronted Press Secretary Jen Psaki during Wednesday's briefing to ask why the Biden administration's policies allow taxpayer money from pro-life citizens to fund abortion clinics.READ MORE

ODNI Chief Avril Haines

US Spy Chief Sees ‘Indications’ China Influencing WHO Investigation Of COVID-19 Origins


American spy agency leaders met on Wednesday to discuss the biggest "unparalleled" threat facing the United States today and how the Chinese have manipulated WHO to cover up the true COVID-19 origins.READ MORE

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese Communist Party, Under Xi Jinping, Revises CCP History To Remove Its Atrocities


The Chinese Communist Party is cracking down on "erroneous" remarks about China's history of nihilism by setting up a hotline for citizens to report through, ahead of the CCP's upcoming anniversary.READ MORE

India church remains

Despite Pressure To Change, USCIRF Must Designate India A 'Country Of Particular Concern' Over Religious Freedom Violations, Activist Says


An activist is rallying for the USCIRF to not change its designation of India as a "country of particular concern" following reports of rampant religious freedom violations in the country under Prime Minister Modi's rule.READ MORE

"Don't Tase Me Bro" by Andrew Meyer

Amazon Bans Conservative Journalist's Book About Massive Voter Fraud - Author Now Giving It Away For Free


A book by Andrew Meyer that shed light on the alleged election fraud in 2004 was banned by Amazon, so the author decided to publish it on the Internet for free.READ MORE

Biden Xi

Biden Administration Awards Lucrative Defense Contract To Firm Linked To CCP


The U.S. Army is developing armoured combat vehicles for use in arctic conditions alongside a Singaporean firm that has dealings with the CCP.READ MORE

United Airlines

United Airlines Teams Up With CCP To Teach American High School Students Communist Propaganda


The third largest airline in the world is now linked to a Chinese Communist Party-backed educational foundation that champions communist propaganda among the American youth.READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

NFL Fans Outraged As New York County Won’t Allow Them To Watch Game In Person Unless They’re Vaccinated


Erie County's new regulations will prevent non-vaccinated people from watching the Fall NFL games, causing an uproar amongst sports fans.READ MORE

Gender Neutral Bathroom

Texas’ New Bill Will Criminally Charge Parents Whose Kids Undergo Sex Change


A proposed new bill in Texas aims to protect children from making life-altering, gender-changing decisions by criminalizing parents who consent to sex change for their kids.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

CNN Director Reveals Agenda To Remove Trump From Office And Instill Fear In People: Project Veritas Exposé


A CNN employee was caught on tape admitting to producing pro-Biden propaganda to prevent former President Trump from getting elected and serving a second term after the 2020 Presidential ElectionsREAD MORE

Student planners are unable to carry Bible verses in Public Schools

Christian Schools Intervene Against LGBT Lawsuit That Could Strip Faith-Based Institutions Of Funding


Alliance Defending Freedom and three Christian schools are revolting against a high profile federal case filed by LGBT students last month that endangers funding to faith-based institutions.READ MORE

abortion pill

FDA Removes Ban On Sending Abortion Pills By Mail During Pandemic –Pro-Lifers Respond

The FDA under the Biden administration has decided to enable women's access to an abortion pill without a visit to the doctor's office while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing.READ MORE

US Vice-President Mike Pence

Mike Pence Launches New Conservative Advocacy Group To Advance Trump’s Successful Policies


The Trump-backed Advancing American Freedom advocacy group was launched by Mike Pence yesterday to promote traditional conservative values and continue the legacy of the former president's most influential policies.READ MORE

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