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  • Mammoth

    Bones of Slain Mammoth Show Evidence of First Humans in Arctic

    A team of researchers from Russia studying the bones of a mammoth claims that they have found evidence of humans living in the Arctic 45,000 years ago. According to lead researcher Vladimir Pitulko of the Russian Academy of Science, the markings on the massive animal's bones suggest that the mammoth…
  • Antarctic

    Researchers Believe World’s Biggest Canyon Hidden Under Antarctic Ice

    What actually lies underneath the massive ice sheet of the Antarctic still remains a mystery. But recently, scientists surveying the region discovered that it might be hiding the world's biggest canyon
  • Salad

    Leafy Green Vegetables Found to Decrease Risk of Glaucoma

    A new study has revealed that a diet composed of green leafy vegetables is effective against the development of the most prevalent type of glaucoma. According to the researchers who carried out the study, this finding can significantly help those at risk of going blind due to this eye disease
  • Black Hole

    Astronomers Puzzled by Discovery of Naked, Star-less Black Hole

    Scientists observing a distant galaxy are currently trying to find an explanation as to why some black holes are not surrounded by stars. One theory that they came up with is that this may have been caused by two or more galaxies colliding into one another.
  • Senior Citizens

    Too Much Vitamin D can be Harmful for Seniors According to New Research

    A new study carried out by researchers from Switzerland revealed how vitamin D can be dangerous for senior citizens. Based on their findings, taking too much vitamin D can increase the risk of falling among older adults.
  • Gigantopithecus blacki

    Researchers Uncover Factors that Led to the Extinction of Real-Life King Kong

    The Gigantopithecus blacki, which is currently being dubbed as the real-life King Kong, is a massive ape that roamed the Earth more than 100,000 years ago. Although little is still known about this creature, researchers have already identified the possible cause that led to its extinction.
  • Tasmanian Devil

    Health News: New Type of Contagious Cancer Found in Tasmanian Devils

    Researchers from the University of Tasmania in Australia and the U.K.'s University of Cambridge have discovered a second form of contagious cancer while studying Tasmanian devils. According to the researchers, this type of disease can be transferred through bites.
  • Malaria

    New Malaria Strain Found to Be Drug-Resistant

    Recent studies revealed that Malaria can very well become drug resistant. Researhcers revealed that the parasite that causes the disease may react to medication for a certain amount of time, but might eventually develop resistance to it.
  • Grey Seal

    Scientists Baffled By Increasingly Violent Behavior Of Seals In Britain

    A new study released by a team of biologists aims to solve the mystery behind the sudden predatory behavior of seals. The research was conducted in response to the increasing number of the violent mutilation and killing of porpoises in the waters of Britain and Netherlands.
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