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  • Fitbit

    Fitbit Users Sue Company due to Inaccurate Heart Rate Monitor Tracking

    A group of Fitbit users have filed a class-action lawsuit against the California-based tech firm due to the inaccurate data produced by its PurePulse heart rate monitor. According to the plaintiffs, the company falsely advertised the features of its Fitbit Charge HR and Surge wearable devices.
  • Exercise

    Scientists Discover Way to Create Exercise Pill

    Scientists from the University of Sydney in Australia and Denmark's University of Copenhagen said that they have found a way to create a pill that can mimic the effects of exercise. This discovery can potentially revolutionize the way people achieve their fitness goals.
  • Chris Pratt Attends Movie Premiere In Hollywood

    Anna Faris' Husband Says He "Might Go Back To Being The Fat Guy"

    With the onslaught of blockbuster films coming his way, it comes as no surprise to the fans and followers of the "Jurassic World" star, Chris Pratt, that he is also headlining magazines left and right. In the July issue of Men's Health magazine, the actor is featured in the cover. Ironically, howeve…
  • Sitting Down

    Sitting too Much Negates Benefits of Exercise

    Health experts warned that even though regularly exercising offers a wide range of benefits, these may not matter if one spends majority of his or her time sitting down. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, sitting dow…
  • Exercise

    Lack of Exercise Deadlier Than Obesity

    A new study conducted by medical researchers revealed that the lack of mobility or physical exercise can be more detrimental to a person’s health than being overweight or obese. According to the researchers, physical inactivity can increase the risk of an early death.
  • Weight  Training

    American College of Sports Medicine Release Fitness Trends for 2015

    The major exercise science organization American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has listed weight training as the top fitness regimen for 2015. This is according to the 2015 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, the latest installment of the ACSM’s annual exercise report.
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