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New Study Reveals E-Cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Quit

Generally, electronic cigarettes are being marketed as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. This also led to the idea that e-cigs and vapes can be used to help conventional smokers quit their unhealthy habit.

Ice Age

Scientists Say Man-Made Climate Change Delayed the Next Ice Age by 100,000 Years

Over the past few years, various scientific research groups have released their own studies highlighting the damaging effects of human actions on the planet. Adding to those reports is a new study carried out by researchers from Germany suggesting that due to man-made global warming, humans may have delayed the next ice age event by around 100,000 years,

Asian Pacific Islander Human Trafficking Task Force

Human Trafficking Task Force Aims to Provide Collaborative Resources for Asian Pacific Islander Victims

A coalition of non-profit organizations serving the Asian American community launched a human trafficking task force on January 13 to specifically target the needs of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) survivors. The task force, called the Asian Pacific Islander Human Trafficking Task Force, consists of 15 member agencies, and aims to strengthen the services that can be provided to API victims of human trafficking through their collaboration.

KAGMA health conference

First Korean American Health Conference to Take Place in Southern California

A health conference specifically catered towards the needs of Korean Americans will be taking place for the first time in Los Angeles. The “First Annual Korean American Health Conference 2016,” which will be hosted by the Korean American Graduate Medical Association, came about as a coalition of 13 organizations — including KHEIR (Korean American Health Education Information and Research) Clinic, the Korean American Coalition (KAC), Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC) — saw the need for deeper research on the health concerns and needs of Korean Americans.

Black Hole

Astronomers Puzzled by Discovery of Naked, Star-less Black Hole

Scientists observing a distant galaxy are currently trying to find an explanation as to why some black holes are not surrounded by stars. One theory that they came up with is that this may have been caused by two or more galaxies colliding into one another.


Melting Arctic Ice is Uncovering Old Shipwrecks in Alaska

The melting of ice and glaciers is generally regarded as one of the negative effects of global warming as it contributes to rising sea levels. But for archaeologists, this phenomenon has allowed them to observe for the first time the wrecks of whaling vessels from the 1800s.

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