10 churches are suing Gov. Kate Brown for the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders claiming it to be unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs argue that Brown's executive order violates their constitutional rights to assemble and worship and demand Gov. Kate Brown to allow the reopening of churches for worship services.

Attorney Ray D. Hacke of the Pacific Justice Institute is representing the lawsuit of the churches. Pacific Justice Institute in Salem is a nonprofit law firm that defends religious liberty that is also supporting the lawsuit. 

"Churches are in limbo," Hacke says. "They don't know when they can start practicing again. And it just can't go on indefinitely."

The president of the Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus comments that Gov. Brown's executive orders are "way too extreme and infringe on religious liberty far more than is necessary to preserve public health and safety."

Plaintiffs are fighting for an injunction that would prohibit the governor from enforcing the executive orders. The ban of church services is not specified but the plaintiffs argue that the order's restrictions on "non-essential social and recreational gatherings" have been negatively affecting church services. 

Oregon state representative Bill Post who has also signed as a petitioner on this lawsuit commented, "We aren't looking to return to 'what' used to be' anytime soon--just that churches and places of worship be treated the same as any other 'business.'"