A British Christian Institute has warned the Warwickshire County Council to take legal action against the RSE's policy of "Relationship and Sex Education," a report by Britain's Christian Today said Monday.

According to the RSE policy, gender identity "can best be understood as a spectrum." Transgender children have the right to use toilets or changing rooms that they can use most comfortably."

In addition, the policy suggests that parents do not need to be informed by the school whether a child is transgender or whether they use school facilities according to the gender of their choice.

The policy also includes the "All About Me" program that teaches elementary school children about sexual development, including masturbation. The guidelines for Year Two (children aged as young as six) read, "Children consider rules about when it is appropriate for others to touch themselves, including masturbation."

The council is currently reviewing the policy with Mark Pawsey, a member of the Parliament for Rugby, raising concerns that it is not appropriate.

In addition, John Denning, the head of the Christian Institute, who has raised concerns about the rights and protection of single-sex spaces, said the education committee should "reject seriously flawed policies while addressing the list of errors."

"There are important protection issues at stake here," Denning said, noting that failure to acknowledge that there are flaws in this policy threatens the well-being of children they are obligated to protect.