The death of Chinese doctor Lee, who was the first to warn of a new type of Coronavirus infection in Wuhan, was reported on Feb. 7 (local time), and pro-democracy activists in the Chinese region expressed their sorrow by demanding an apology from the Chinese government.

"Chinese people should no longer be silent for the sake of the country, for everyone related to the country, and for Dr. Li Won-Ryan," Wang Dan, head of the China think tank dialogue, comprised of pro-democracy activists in China, said on his SNS.

"The Chinese government must make an official apology to Dr. Lee. The apology must be made public by the government.

On Sina Weibo, a Chinese social networking site, there have been continuous postings calling for the Chinese government to apologize along with messages commemorating Lee's death.

Dr. Lee Won-Ryan was the first person to tell the world about the new Coronavirus that was slowly spreading in Wuhan, China. Lee played a crucial role in releasing the mass outbreak of "unknown causes of pneumonia." However, he was punished by Chinese authorities for damaging social order with fake news.

Lee is known to have been infected by the virus while taking care of patients without protective equipment such as masks and other early stages of the new Coronavirus outbreak. Having been hospitalized for coughing and fever since January 10th, he was confirmed to have been ill and died in the early morning of 7th (local time).