Korean American Family Services (KFAM) is currently carrying out its annual campaign to give new backpacks and school supplies to students in foster care.

The campaign, called ‘Backpacks of Love,’ began in 2014, and has been carried out every summer since, with the aim to provide new school supplies and backpacks for students in difficult situations. Since the first summer it took place, the funds raised through the campaign has allowed KFAM to purchase and give 1,042 new backpacks containing school supplies to the LA County Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS).

This year once again, the non-profit will be purchasing these new supplies in August with the donations received throughout the month of June. The new supplies will then be given to the Asian Pacific Project within the LA County DCFS, which takes care of the Asian American children in the foster care system.

“Every year, the love and interest shown by the Korean community has allowed us to be able to prepare more supplies than our initial goal,” said KFAM’s executive director Connie Chung Joe. “I look forward to the warm support that we will be receiving from the Korean community once again this year.”

Last year, KFAM was able to prepare 337 backpacks, which allowed for a number of backpacks to be given to students who are hard of hearing, and American Indian students in the foster care system.

Those who are interested in participating could do so by donating school supplies or financially. For more information, visit kfamla.org.