New Vision Church, located in Lynnwood, WA, shared the gospel in Zambia from June 20 to July 6 as mission team members helped build a church there, hosted a Vacation Bible School for children, and helped build clean water wells.

Members from New Vision Church stayed in Lusaka, the capital of and largest city in Zambia, where they shared the gospel with both children and adults alike.

“It was a busy schedule since we were carrying out many ministries in a short period of time,” said Rev. Woo Suk Chun, the lead pastor of New Vision Church, “but by God’s grace, all of the ministries were carried out smoothly. I’m thankful that our church members were able to share God’s love through their service.”

Meanwhile, members of New Vision Church held special dawn prayers from June 20 to 30, praying for those in Zambia and the ministry that would take place during the mission trip.