American rapper, actor, and comedian Nick Cannon recently commented on social media that Planned Parenthood is engaged in "eugenics."

He wrote on Twitter, "Same issue I have with Planned Parenthood I have with corps like McDonalds, Hennessy, Privatised Prisons, public education etc. #Eugenics."

He has also said that what the abortion provider does is equivalent to "real genocide" on black community. His comments were published around the same time when a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that even though abortion rates have fallen to their lowest in decades in 2013, as many as 35.6 percent of the aborted babies were black when they account for only 13.2 percent of the american population.

In an interview with "The Breakfast Club," on New York's Power 105.1, he said "Think about all the stuff they did with Planned Parenthood and all that type of stuff. That type of stuff is to take our community - and forget gentrification, it's real genocide, and it's been like that for years."

While speaking about the election, Cannon said that choosing 2016 presidential candidates was akin to selecting "the lesser of two evils ... like picking out which gun you wanted to get shot with."

He also quoted Malcolm X on his Instagram page, alluding to media bias: "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Malcolm X."

He also said that the Planned Parenthood propagated "population control" and that it had a "hidden agenda".

Known to be vocal about his faith, Cannon also wrote on social media, "We are in the midst of Spiritual Warfare and only a few are tuned in with the battle. But we will fight for those who are sleep..."

This year Nick Cannon finalized his divorce against Mariah Carey, after filing for divorce in 2014. He has two 5-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, with his ex-wife, and is expecting a child with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell.