Game publishing giant Square Enix has promised to make a donation to an anti-bullying charity every time some tweets using the hashtag #EveryDayHeroes.

This is part of the studio's joint campaign with non-profit organization PACER.

According to Gamespot, for the campaign Square Enix has enlisted Ashley Burch, the voice actress behind the "Life is Strange" character Chloe. The company also released a video for the #EveryDayHeroes campaign feature clips from the game and a narration by Burch.

Through the campaign, Square Enix is encouraging the public to post their stories, messages and anything they want to share regarding the subject of bullying on their Twitter accounts. They should also include the #EveryDayHeroes hashtag to show their support for the initiative.

Every time they post with this hashtag, the company will donate an unspecified amount to PACER, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and stopping any form of bullying. In addition, the studio will also post the most inspiring tweets on the "Life is Strange" website.

As for other "Life is Strange" related news, development studio Dontnod Entertainment has already released the limited edition version of the game. For $39.99, this version features all of the game's episodes as well as an art book and the official soundtrack.

The company also released new patches for the game which comes with bug fixes and extra subtitles.

"We're today releasing patches that will unlock the extra subtitles (Spanish, Mexican & Castilian, Brazilian - Portuguese, Portuguese, German and Italian) as well as the Director's commentary to all digital edition owners," the studio said according to Destructoid.

"Given the Limited Edition's rarity, these were two features that we felt the entire community deserved to receive," Dontnod Entertainment added. "On top of this, today's patch also includes further polish and minor improvements to all episodes and some bug fixes."

"Life is Strange" debuted with its first episode on January 30, 2015. The game follows the story of a young teen named Mac Caulfield, who discovers that she as the supernatural ability to manipulate time. Upon its release, the game received favorable reviews primarily due to its character development, unique gameplay, and its overall narrative.

The game and all five of its episodes are currently available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation4 and Microsoft Windows platforms.