Tesla has recently revealed a new update for its Autopilot software version 7.0.

The upgrade comes with the new Summon feature that allows drivers to call out their Tesla cars and activate their self-parking features.

As detailed in the company's blog, the beta version of Tesla Version 7.1 works with Model S and Model X features. According to the electric car maker, through Summon, a drivers can order his or her car to park itself without being inside it.

For instance, once you get home, you can step out of the car and open the garage door. The car will then park itself inside the garage and automatically shut off the engine. This setting also applies ton public parking spaces.

As noted by Tesla, this feature will come in handy when parking in tight spaces. Since the driver is no longer inside the car when it parks itself, he or she will no longer have to squeeze out the door.

But, Tesla advised owners of Model X or Model S cars to try out the feature first in their homes until they get completely used to it before trying it in public areas.

For Tesla, the launch of the update is part of the company's efforts in providing an autonomous driving experience for car owners.

"The release of Tesla Version 7.1 software is the next step toward developing fully autonomous driving capabilities and delivering them through over-the-air software updates, keeping our customers at the forefront of driving technology in the years ahead," the company stated.

The latest software upgrade comes a couple of months after Tesla released Version 7.0, which features an Autopilot mode. According to CNET, this feature utilizes the various sensors and cameras on the vehicle's body in order to make accurate turns. At that time, Tesla founder Elon Musk said that the software was still in its testing phase which is why drivers still need to have both hands on the wheel even if the autopilot feature has been activated.

Through future updates, Musk believes the company will be able to expand the features of the cars. He also thinks that self-driving cars are safer than those with human drivers because their various sensors, cameras and mapping features will keep them from drifting out of their lanes, Reuters reported.

He even believes that two years from now, Tesla car owners will be able to summon their cars even if they're in a different city.