It seems 2016 is shaping up to be the year for virtual reality gaming.

Just this week new details about the two heavyweights in the market, the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, have started emerging.

Facebook-backed Oculus VR has already announced that the Rift headset will debut with a retail price of $599. This expensive price, however, is only for the headset and does not include the expenses for upgrading a PC to make it VR-ready. This caused a lot of people to contemplate whether the Oculus Rift is really worth buying or not.

But, in what could probably be considered as a way to convince people into buying an Oculus Rift, Palmer Lucky, founder of Oculus VR, announced during a recent Reddit session that more than 100 virtual reality games will be released this year alone.

The executive did not go into detail regarding the title or theme of the games but said that around 20 of these are currently being made by Oculus Studios while the others are from third-part developers.

Similarly, Sony executive Kaz Hirai revealed during CES 2016 that the company's own virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR, will also come with about 100 games, according to BBC. However, it's not yet clear if these titles will debut this year.

Although the Oculus Rift got a head start on its emerging rival, the PlayStation VR could still emerge as the dominant headset in the market once it comes out.

According to a report by market research firm SuperData, the PlayStation VR, which is specifically designed for the PlayStation 4 console, could debut with a price range of $400 to $600, Gamespot reported. Of course, it would be nice if the headset will be $200 cheaper than the Oculus Rift but even if it arrives with a price tag of $600, there's a chance that the PlayStation VR could still beat Oculus VR's device in terms of sales.

For one, a lot of people already own a PlayStation 4 console. This means they will no longer have to spend more just to upgrade or get a VR-ready gaming system to play with the PlayStation VR.

Or, if they don't have Sony's next-gen console yet, they can always buy one for about $350. This is considerably cheaper than getting a $600 Oculus Rift and spending another $1,500 for a VR-compatible PC.

But, readers should keep in mind that this pricing detail did not come from Sony, which means the actual cost of the PlayStation VR is still unknown.