Development studio Konami has confirmed that the multiplayer mode for "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain," aptly dubbed as "Metal Gear Online," will receive a new DLC.

In addition, the studio also released a new patch for the online mode that comes with new level up mechanics and adjustments for the game's weapons.

Konami, however, did not go into detail regarding the contents of the upcoming DLC. But, the company noted through its Twitter page that the content update will feature new maps for players to explore as well as a new game mode called Survival.

The studio did not explain what the new mode will be about but according to Cinemablend, it could be similar to the Survival modes unveiled in previous titles from the "Metal Gear Solid" franchise. As explained by the site, this mode rewards players based on their number of match wins.

Aside from announcing the new DLC, Konami also released patch 1.02 for "Metal Gear Online." According to the company, the latest update increases the lethal range of the shotgun and reduces the draw speed of the SERVAL AMR-7 and other machine guns.

In addition, the patch also cuts down the number of experience points that players need in order to level up, which makes upgrading their characters a lot easier. Konami also tweaked the effects of the stun grenade in "Metal Gear Online."

"In version 1.01, even if you are not facing the point of the explosion you can find yourself temporarily blinded due to the flash, however in version 1.02 as long as you are facing away from the explosion, you will not be affected," Konami said according to GameSpot.

Aside from the adjustments, the latest patch also comes with fixes for various issues in the game including the avatar customization screen not responding, appearance of markers from Round 1 in Round 2's Mission Start screen and several other problems with the game's experience points management.

Konami also noted it plans to release another patch for the game in the near future. According to the studio, the upcoming update will make the game's revival system a bit more challenging for players.

"In previous MGO titles, it took a little more effort than a single kick to wake up our knocked out allies," the studio explained. "Listening to player feedback, we're looking into requiring that extra effort to wake up your allies, so that there is greater risk when you stick your neck out to revive your friends."