New rumors about Apple's upcoming products suggest that the iPhone 6C, which is also referred to as the iPhone 7C by other sources, might come out in April of next year.

If Apple does release the handset during this period, then it will break its long tradition of launched new smartphones in September, according to Computer World.

The latest rumors about the iPhone 6C came from the network carrier China Mobile. According to various sources, a visual presentation by the company listed Apple's upcoming handset model under the month of April, which strongly suggest that this could be the device's launch period.

Some might argue that it's possible for Apple to break its annual release cycle since the iPhone 6C is not a flagship model. But, the iPhone 5C, which is also an entry-level device, came out in September of 2013. This suggests whether it's a flagship device or not, Apple still sticks to its yearly launch period.

Although the presentation did not provide the exact name of the device or its specs, it noted that it will come out with a selling price of 3,200 yen, which is around $500, according to Tech Insider. Despite not having a name, the handset's listed value coincides with Apple's previous statements about the iPhone 6C or 7C debuting at a cheaper price than its flagship models.

In addition, the company previously stated that the iPhone 6C will serve as the officially replacement of the iPhone 5C, which is priced at around $450.

Of course, despite coming from a reputable company, these details cannot be considered as an official confirmation of the iPhone 6C's release date and price. Apple is still yet to make a formal announcement regarding the exact details of the upcoming handset.

As for its specs, CNET reported that the device is expected to come with a 4-inch screen just like the iPhone 5C. But, unlike the latter, the iPhone 6C will come with a metal unibody design. The device might also debut with 16GB and 32GB storage variants.

For its processor, the handset will most likely run on the A9 chipset or even a more updated one.

In addition, due to the debut of Force Touch technology and the expanded functions of Apple's digital assistant Siri, the iPhone 6C might not come with a physical home button. Instead, future users of the device will interact with the handset through voice commands and its multi-touch features.