In keeping with its annual Christmas tradition, Rockstar Games has unloaded new holiday-themed freebies for the multiplayer mode of "Grand Theft Auto 5."

The studio has already started releasing the free items and will continue to so until January 5 of next year.

Dubbed as the "GTA Online Festive Surprise 2015," the content update gives away free Christmas trees to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC gamers of "GTA V." Players will find these at Legion Square and inside their in-game houses, apartments and yachts, Cinemablend reported.

In addition, players of "GTA Online" will also receive various Christmas-inspired outfits and pajamas. They can then pair these up with new masks featuring Crazy Gingerbread, Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, Bad Elf and Festive Luchador.

Aside from the new items unveiled this year, Rockstar Games noted that gamers can also access the other freebies that were released in previous "Festive Surpirses." In addition, for the duration of the event, the developer will release other items at random times. The studio, however, did not mention what these items could be.

Of course, since virtual snow is now falling on "GTA Online," gamers can enjoy snowball fights with each other, according to Tweak Town.

As with previous content updates, this year's "Festive Surprise" will probably not arrive for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of the game. Rockstar Games noted earlier in September of this year that it has dropped the DLC support for the last-gen console versions of "GTA V."

Speaking with IGN, Imran Sarwar, the studio's director of design, explained that the decision was made due to the technical limitations of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"The primary technical reason is the memory capacity for the older systems," he said. "We are constantly adding new items to the game with each update and we began approaching the memory limits after the first year of 'GTA Online' content."

"We found ourselves almost at capacity after the launch of 'Heists' but with some creative programming we managed to squeeze additional updates into those older systems which allowed us to make it as far as the two 'Ill Gotten Gains' updates," he added.

Although the studio has already stated that future content updates will only arrive for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, the company stated in its Social Club blog that it will release special gifts for all platform versions of the game within the next few days.