Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new patch for "Batman: Arkham Knight."

According to the game publisher, the content update comes with a few bug fixes as well as compatibility support for the title's upcoming December DLC.

As detailed on the game's Steam page, some of the patch's features include improved targeting system during combat scenarios, restored keyboard and mouse functions, more consistent frame times, performance optimizations and activated Quick Photo Mode for the PC.

Also, the patch adds new features to the game such as the Harley Quinn Classic skin for the AR challenges and the story pack for the character. The latest content update for the PC version of the game also makes the Akrham Knight as a playable character in AR challenges and the Red Hood Story mode.

The game's rain effects were also improved through the patch.

More importantly, the patch will allow PC gamers to enjoy the upcoming DLC for the game through its compatibility support. This DLC, which is expected to arrive on December 22, comes with the expansion pack "Season of Infamy: Most Wanted," according to Inquisitr.

This pack will come with new missions featuring some of the most iconic villains from the "Batman" universe. This includes Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, the Mad Hatter and the League of Shadows leader Ra's al Ghul.

Aside from these new missions, gamers will also get six TBC AR Challenges, the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5, the Arkham Batmobile and the Batman skin based on Christopher Nolan's 2008 film "The Dark Knight."

The December DLC will be the last content update developer of "Batman: Arkham Knight" will release for the game this year. But, this doesn't mean that support for the game's new content will end this month.

As reported by IGN, Rocksteady Studios will kick off 2016 with a new DLC slated to come out in January. According to the gaming news site, the highlight of the upcoming content update will be the new maps based on previous "Batman: Arkham" games. These include the Wayne Manor Main Hall, the Batcave, the Sanatorium Medical Facility, Iceberg Lounge, Crime Alley and the Monarch Theater.

In addition, the January DLC will also come with the Endless Knight AR Challenge mode. Here, gamers will have to fight off waves of advancing enemies.

Rocksteady Studios officially debuted "Batman: Arkham Knight" in June of this year. It is currently available for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.