Game publisher Activision has unveiled a new feature for "Guitar Hero Live" that will surely change how players compete against each other in the game.

Dubbed as Rival Challenges, the new mode is now available through the game's "Guitar Hero TV."

As explained by art director Jamie Jackson through the "Guitar Hero" community site, Rival Challenges utilizes a matchmaking system. Through this procedure, the game automatically matches gamers with potential opponents who are also in the same level.

Once a match has been made, a message will appear while a gamer is plating through GHTV. This message will show the potential opponent's details. After accepting the challenge, the new rival mode will begin.

"You'll be playing on GHTV, then all of a sudden a message will flash up with a rival challenge," Jim Norris of development studio FreeStyleGames told the Telegraph. "It'll show your player card, your ID, and the other person's name and player card."

"As you're playing you can see their note highway, all of which are customizable, different coloured gems and backgrounds," he added. "It's a fun way to show off your style when you're battling against another person."

But, as noted by the developers, only level 10 players will be included in the pool of Rival Challenges mode to prevent creating an unfair match between a newbie and a veteran, Gamespot reported.

As for whoever wins the online guitar-off, they'll be instantly rewarded with 100 experience points. This is certainly a good incentive for those who would put their reputations on the line in a battle against a complete stranger.

Jackson also noted that the new mode was developed in response to the requests of fans of the game for a more challenging. Apparently, many of them are not satisfied anymore with playing against their friends and family members on "Guitar Hero Live."

"We've received lots of feedback in the forums about what you want to see next," he said on the game's site. "Something that came up quite frequently was head-to-head multiplayer. Another was showing off your player cards and note highways to others. And we heard you."

"Guitar Hero Live," which serves as Activision's reboot title for the "Guitar Hero" franchise, first came out in October of this year for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U consoles. Then, in November, the game debuted for Apple's iOS platform and the Apple TV.