Development studio Bungie has unveiled a new set of paid character level boosts for its "Destiny" game.

This is the first time that the studio has offered players of its first-person shooter game the chance to level-up their characters in exchange for real-world money.

The listing for the boost packs was first spotted by Eurogamer and is available for the Warlock, Hunter and Titan character classes. For $30 each, players will be able to upgrade their characters to level 25.

The new offering marks the first time Bungie included a paid level boost in the game's microtransaction system since the release of the "The Taken King" expansion pack. Those who got the major content update immediately received a level boost for free.

According to Bungie, giving the players an opportunity to skip levels is the studio's way of letting all players, not just veteran gamers, enjoy the expansion pack.

"We wanted 'The Taken King' to not only be something that existing players were excited about," the game's lead concept artist Jesse van Dijk said to Gamespot. "We also wanted to make sure that players who may have never even played the game at all [were] immediately [able to] participate in the events of 'The Taken King.'"

"Particularly because it might very well be the case that [between] two friends, one friend might be just beginning and one friend might be at a high level, and we wanted them to be able to play together," he added.

Although Bungie has not yet commented on the latest level boost packs, it seems these are also similar to what the studio did with "The Taken King." By allowing the players to instantly upgrade their characters, they'll have the chance to play fairly against high-ranking gamers.

But, as noted by Eurogamer, level 25 is still far away from the game's level cap, which is at 40. This means even though players purchase the packs, they'll still have to work hard in order to achieve a high status in the game.

Of course, Bungie's latest offering is only for those who want to get a quick jump on the game. It is completely unnecessary and players who don't purchase the level boost will still be able to enjoy the features and events of the game.

"Destiny" first came out in September of 2014. It is currently available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.