Development studio Visceral Games has announced that the next DLC for "Battlefield Hardline" will arrive in January of next year.

The upcoming content update, titled "Getaway," will feature new weapons, maps, vehicles and game modes.

According to Gamespot, the DLC will arrive in early 2016 for the premium players of "Battlefield Hardline," or those who purchased the Season Pass for the game. Visceral Games did not mention when "Getaway" will arrive for regular "Hardline" players but it will probably come out for them shortly after the premium version's release.

As noted by the developer, the DLC will come with 12 new weapons. Visceral Games, however, did not mention what types of firearms players can expect to get from the DLC but according to VG247, some of these are the Winchester 1888, the SAR 21 and a Glock 17 race gun. These weapons will be available for the game's Mechanic Class.

Aside from firearms, "Getaway" will also come with a new melee weapon in the form of a fire axe as well as a new gadget. The DLC will also feature four new vehicles but Visceral Games declined to mention what type they are.

Gamers will also be able to enjoy a new game mode through the content update dubbed as Capture the Bag. The studio did not describe the nature of this new mode but it can be assumed that it might be the game's version of Capture the Flag.

As for the DLC's new maps, these are the Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Diversion and Train Dodge. There are no details yet regarding some of the maps but Train Dodge will be set in a rocky terrain featuring an oil refinery as well as a train line. Pacific Highway, on the other hand, will take place near the Mexican border and the Pacific coast, according to Hardcore Gamer.

"Getaway" will be the third DLC that Visceral Games will launch for "Battlefield Hardline." But aside from this content update, the game is also expected to receive an expansion pack titled "Betrayal." There are no details yet as to when the expansion pack will come out but it will probably arrive sometime next year.

"Battlefield Hardline," which centers on the urban-based conflict between criminals and law enforcers, came out in North America on March 17 of this year. The game is currently available for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms.