Development studio Telltale Games has announced that the fourth episode for "Minecraft: Story Mode" will arrive later this month.

Although the studio noted that the upcoming installment will conclude the story of the game, a fifth episode will still come out sometime next year, IGN reported.

The fourth episode, titled "A Block and a Hard Place," is scheduled to arrive on December 22. And, like the game's previous episodes, the upcoming release will be available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, OS X, Android and iOS platforms.

Telltale Games, however, did not go into detail regarding the contents of the upcoming episode. But, the studio hinted that it could serve as the ending to the game characters' quest on defeating the Witherstorm.

The studio also mentioned that a follow-up episode will come out next year.

"(Episode) 4 will also bring one story to a close, and the mysterious 5th Episode will follow in 2016," Telltale Games tweeted. "Full details soon!"

It is not yet clear what episode five will bring to the narrative of "Minecraft: Story Mode." But, news site MCVUK speculated that it might serve as the opening episode for an entirely new series. After all, original "Minecraft" developer Mojang is still working with Telltale Games to develop "Story Mode."

"Minecraft: Story Mode" is the latest spin-off game based on the popular sandbox series. But unlike other games from the "Minecraft" franchise, Telltale Games' project revolves around a story and a central character named Jesse.

In the game, players can choose the gender of Jesse. The male version of the character is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt while Catherine Taber, the voice behind Padme Amidala in the "Star Wars: Clone Wars" animated series, brings the female Jesse to life.

The first episode of the game, titled "The Order of the Stone," came out in October of this year. It serves as the introduction of the game and focuses on how the characters got together.

The second episode launched during the last week of October while the third one was released on November 24.

Interestingly, the first episode of "Minecraft: Story Mode" is slated to come out for Sony's handheld console the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo's Wii U. Although no release date has been mentioned yet, it is scheduled to arrive in 2016.

It is not yet clear if or when the succeeding episodes will also arrive for these consoles.