Yoshinori Kitase, the producer and director of various "Final Fantasy" games, released a letter addressing the gamers' concerns regarding the announcement that the "Final Fantasy VII" Remake will have an episodic release.

According to Kitase, launching the game in this manner is the only way the developers will be able to provide a full gameplay experience.

Earlier this week, the producer and developers of the game confirmed that Square Enix will release the remake of "Final Fantasy VII" in multiple parts. The announcement immediately caused some gamers to speculate that the developers are only after the profits that they will earn in launching a single game with multiple installments, Techno Buffalo reported.

But as noted by Kitase, the decision to split up the game was only made because it's simply too big to fit in one title.

"We've seen everyone's comments and reactions to the news that 'Final Fantasy VII' Remake will be a multi-part series and many have speculated correctly as to the reason why we have made the decision," he said on the Square Enix blog.

"If we were to try to fit everything from the original into one remake installment, we would have to cut various parts and create a condensed version of 'Final Fantasy VII,' we knew none of you would have wanted that," Kitase added.

The game producer also noted that the upcoming game will not be a simple remake. As reported by Gamespot, it will go beyond the original game's major plotline and will even introduce a new gameplay system. But, Kitase assured fans of the series that despite the changes and new additions, the remake will still feature the same appeal as the original "Final Fantasy VII."

Although some gamers might still hold on to the idea that Square Enix only wants to make money by releasing a multi-part game, Kotaku noted that they should just consider "Final Fantasy VII" Remake as a totally new game.

After all, as clearly stated by Kitase and the developers of the project, the new version of the game will not simply be a head-on HD remake of the game. Aside from visual improvements, "Final Fantasy VII" Remake will also deliver a new experience and expand on the original title's story. Kitase even hinted that the upcoming game will have a few surprises for gamers.

"Going beyond the scale and depth of the world, narrative and gameplay from the original to deliver something that feels familiar yet new," he said in the blog post. "As I said before, we like delivering surprises."