A recent listing on Steam has revealed that "Final Fantasy VI" will be released for the PC within the next few days.

However, as noted by various sources, gamers might end up feeling disappointed with the upcoming PC version of the game.

According to the "Final Fantasy VI" Steam page, the game will come out on December 16. However, there are no details yet regarding the price of the game.

The arrival of the game through the digital distribution platform came a couple of weeks after a PEGI rating for a PC port of "Final Fantasy VI" emerged. Techno Buffalo, however, warned fans of the series that the upcoming title could be similar to the re-release of "Final Fantasy V" last year.

It seems the tech news site was right since according to Kotaku, the upcoming "Final Fantasy VI" for the PC is actually the same as its mobile version which came out in early 2014. This game is considered by many as one of the ugliest titles in the series.

Although the game still carries the same visual appeal of the original "Final Fantasy VI," the re-released version looks sloppy. Other details, such as the font, were also changed.

Graphic artist Bill Steinberg even tweeted an image detailing the flaws of the mobile port, such as the lack of detail and the clashes between colors.

But, as Cinemablend noted, the new version of "Final Fantasy VI" still features the same gameplay experience. Only the game's overall look has changed since its graphics was recreated by character designer Kazuko Shibuya. Some of the changes include the addition of 3D models on the world map and an updated art style. Instead of the pixilated look as seen on the original, the new "Final Fantasy VI" has a more hand-painted appearance.

The original "Final Fantasy VI" game originally came out in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES console. Several years later, the game was ported to other platforms such as the PlaySation in 1999, the Game Boy Advance in 2006 and the Wii U Virtual Console in 2011.

As for its gameplay elements, the battle system of "Final Fantasy VI" requires gamers to choose from a selection of action options through a menu. Like the Action Battle System of other "Final Fantasy" games, the sixth installment also features action bars for each of the four characters. Once the bars fill up, gamers must select an action for their characters.