Shortly after announcing that the football-themed racing game "Rocket League" will arrive for the Xbox One console next year, game developer Psyonix confirmed that this version of the game will not come with crossplay support.

This means Xbox One gamers will not be able to play the game with their friends who own other platforms or consoles.

News about this technical limitation is a bit disappointing especially since PlayStation 4 gamers of "Rocket League" can freely play with their PC counterparts through cross-platform play. But, as announced by the studio via Twitter, this feature is not supported by the Xbox platform.

"The Xbox platform doesn't allow for crossplay matchmaking between other systems as a general practice across all titles," Psyonix tweeted.

Despite Psyonix's explanation, IGN noted that some Xbox One games have cross-platform play feature with the PC. These include "#IDARB" and "Fable Legends."

But, even though "Rocket League" for the Xbox One will be missing out on this feature, it will still come with new contents. These include three new DLCs such as "Supersonic Fury," "Revenge of the Battle-Cars" and "Chaos Run."

In addition, the game will also feature exclusive cars that were featured in the Xbox franchises "Halo" and Gears of War."

"We also have a rather strong tie to 'Gears of War' in particular, as the team here at Psyonix developed the 'Burnt Rubber' stage for the original Xbox 360 version of 'Gears of War' all those years ago," Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham said in a press release.

"As for 'Halo,' we're just big, big fans - and we'd be crazy to not want to do a version of the Warthog for our game," he added. "And that's how the HogSticker was born. It's called the HogSticker, by the way, because it's a modified Warthog with Needlers strapped to the back, as its primary propulsion device."

"Rocket League" first came out in July of this year for the Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 platforms. Then, a month after the game's release, Psyonix already hinted that it is planning on creating different versions of the game for other platforms.

At that time, Psyonix was still not sure which new platforms the game will arrive to. But given the fact that the Xbox One is considered as a strong contender in the gaming industry, it was already pretty obvious that an edition for Microsoft's next-gen console will eventually be made.

As confirmed by the development studio, "Rocket League" for the Xbox One will be released in February next year.