The two tech firms Lenovo and Razer had recently announced that they had entered into a business partnership.

According to the press release from the two companies, the aim of their alliance is to create a new line of computers specifically designed for gamers.

The goal of the partnership is in line with the nature of Razer since the American company specializes in manufacturing and releasing computer accessories that cater to the gaming industry. Lenovo, on the other hand, focuses more on general consumer electronics such as tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Victor Rios, the vice president and general manager of performance PCs at Lenovo stated that the company has been trying to penetrate the gaming market for some time now. It has decided to partner with Razer due to its strong foothold in the undustry.

"We're really excited about this," he said in a statement according to Pierce Pioneer. "We've made performance PCs for many years. But we've never really had a dedicated focus on gaming PCs as a segment. When we looked at the market opportunity, we looked around for companies that would be great to partner with. And Razer came out on top of that list."

"We really like their passion for gamers and what they can bring to the table, not only with their accessory business, their software, and their knowledge of gamers," he added. "We think this is an exciting next step in our PC business."

Rios did not go into detail regarding the terms of the partnership but the executive noted that the first line of devices that Lenovo and Razer will produce are the Y Series gaming desktops.

According to a report from Kotaku, these were first unveiled during the Dreamhack 2015 event.Their final versions, on the other hand, will be debut to the public in January during next year's CES.

For Razer, its partnership with Lenovo is a chance for the company to extend its reach and cater to a bigger audience.

"It's a very synergistic relationship and that was a key point for us," Kevin Sather, the product marketing director for Razer said. "We have great positioning within gaming. Our tagline is 'by gamers, for gamers.' We live and breathe that."

"We combine their focus on PCs and our expertise in gaming software like Chroma and feedback from gamers," the executive added. "They have their own audience and it will be interesting to merge those two audiences together."