Watchmaker Fossil has just released its latest smartwatch model dubbed as the Q Founder.

Like Tag Heuer's own Connected wearable device, the Q Founder runs on Google's Android operating system and is powered by Intel technology.

Fossil's latest smartwatch model is now available through its physical and online stores and can be purchased for $295. Like most smartwatches currently available in the market, the Q Founder comes with a fitness tracker and connectivity support for smartphones. This means the device can connect with installed apps and provide alerts for notifications via Bluetooth, PC Mag reported.

The smartwatch also works with Fossil's own mobile app that comes with various functions.

According to the company, the Q Founder is compatible with devices running on Android 4.4 and iOS 8.2 OS versions and above.

"What's most exciting about Q Founder is not only how it looks, but the true flexibility it offers our customers," Jill Elliott-Sones, Fossil's Chief Creative Officer said in a press release.

"Thanks to its ability to pair with both iOS and Android devices, the personalization opportunities it brings, we're more accessible to people, and able to complement even the most unique personal styles," she continued.

As for its other features, the Q Founder has a battery capacity that can last for 24 hours. It also sports a 46 millimeter LCD face with a resolution of 360x326 pixels. As for its storage, the Q Founder packs 4GB of internal memory, Droid Life reported.

The device's 13 millimeter-thick body is attached to a chrome band which provides a certain level of elegance to the high-tech timepiece.

But, despite its flashy appearance, the Q Founder clearly looks like a smartwatch, and not like a luxury timepiece, according to Wired. However, the overall look of the Q Founder still works well and shows how Fossil was able to merge high-tech functionality with aesthetic appeal.

"We customized the case and the lugs, and it's a really beautiful style," Elliott-Sones said. "Probably, today, the technology and size for what it is, it's still a very specific customer. But what we bring to the table is something a little more beautifully designed and in line with our aesthetic."

The Q Founder can be purchased starting today and the device serves as the latest member of Fossil's Q roster. In late October, the watchmaker unveiled its other devices, namely the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer fitness trackers and the Q Grant smartwatch, for $125 each.