Development company Rocksteady Studios unveiled a bunch of new DLCs this month for "Batman: Arkham Knight.

One of those content updates is inspired by Zack Snyder's highly anticipated film, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," according to Cinemablend.

The updates are already available which means gamers can already start downloading them. Those who bought the Season Pass packaged of the game were given the opportunity to play the content updates one week in advance but the "Batman V Superman" DLC is available for everyone for free.

As noted by Guy Perkins, the marketing game producer of Rocksteady Studios, the DLC comes with the Batmobile and Batsuit versions that will be featured in the upcoming "Dawn of Justice" film.

"Only in 'Batman: Arkham Knight' will you be able to don the new suit and drive this incredible vehicle through Gotham City or test its performance on any of our Batmobile tracks," he wrote in the PlayStation Blog.

"Working extremely closely with the movie production team we've put a huge amount of effort into replicating the handling of this low slung behemoth, as well as accurately bringing the cacophony of its engine noise to life," Perkins added.

The executive also noted that gamers will be able to test drive the Batmobile in the two new courses that were added to the WayneTech Track Pack.

"These fiendish courses were designed by Bruce Wayne to test the limits of the Batmobile prior to tackling the forces of The Arkham Knight," he said.

In addition, players will also get the Riddler-themed Batmobile skin and the Tim Drake skin for Robin.

Aside from the contents inspired by the "Dawn of Justice" film, Rocksteady Studio's also release new episodes for "Batman: Arkham Knight." In these episodes, players can take on the role of either Catwoman or Robin.

In "Catwoman's Revenge," the episode follows the story of Selina Kyle as she goes after the Riddler. The "Flip of a Coin" episode, on the other hand, features the boy wonder as he teams up with Barbara Gordon to track down Two Face after escaping from the GCPD.

However, according to a review by Kotaku, like the other additional episodes released for "Arkham Knight," "Catwoman's Revenger" and "Flip a Coin" are a bit disappointing. The site noted that the new episodes are too short to offer a full gameplay experience. But, gamers will surely appreciate the new environments that these episodes feature.