Some players of the recently released "Star Wars Battlefront" game have started exploiting a glitch that renders them impervious to blasts by enemy forces.

According to various sources, the cause of the glitch is still unknown but it might be related to a bug in the game's software.

A few of the gamers who stumbled upon the bug have uploaded some of their gameplay footages on YouTube. In these clips, it can be clearly seen that they are taking massive amounts of hits from their enemies but they are still able to continue to fight and even rack up their kill score.

In one video, a snowtrooper on Hoth charges across the battlefield and into a hangar while taking on multiple shots from other players. But, the gamer controlling the invincible soldier didn't die in the match and was able to collect 67 kills.

In another clip, a player on the Rebels' side got hit by blasts from the massive AT-AT walker but the character still remained standing. The gamer even taunted the walker by waving at it.

According to PC Gamer, development studio DICE has still not issued a comment regarding the glitch and its exact cause is still unknown. According to some gamers, it is tied to a big that can be triggered by crashing a spacecraft, such as a TIE fighter or an X-Wing, while the game's server is lagging.

Other say the invincibility glitch happens randomly after a player respawns.

As noted by Cinemablend, this is not the first time gamers experienced the glitch. Those who participated in the game beta event held in October also encountered other characters that just wouldn't die.

Hopefully, DICE will immediately release a patch to fix the issue since going head-to-head with an invincible soldier can certainly ruin anyone's gameplay experience.

The invincibility glitch is only one of the bugs discovered by gamers of "Star Wars Battlefront." Others reported that they cannot access the Darth Vader minigame of the PlayStation 4 version of "Star Wars Battlefront."

According to Segment Next, a user on Reddit noted that this problem is related to the PlayStation 4 beta files of the game and can be easily solved through a simple process. As explained by the user, those experiencing these issues should first delete "Star Wars Battlefront" and its beta version from the console's System Storage and Application Storage. Gamers should also delete all saved data from the Save Data Storage.

Then, gamers should restart the system before inserting the game's disc. Then, after the update has downloaded, gamers should start the game and they'll be able to play the Darth Vader minigame.