343 Industries, the developer of the "Halo" series, had just teased the contents of the upcoming December DLC for the recently released "Halo 5: Guardians."

According to the studio, gamers can expect to receive new items such as armor and weapons through the upcoming content update.

First spotted by Design & Trend, the studio held a "Halo" livestream to update gamers regarding the new developments to "Guardians." During the stream, the development team also discussed the contents of the December DLC.

Based on the revelations made by the studio, gamers will receive new weapons through the update such as the M41 Rocket Launcher. They'll also be able to spice up their characters' armor with the new Mark IV helmet. In addition, gamers will also get black and gold skins for their weapons.

Aside from these items, 343 Industries might also debut the Forge Mode in December through the same content update. This is based on the confirmation provided by the studio regarding the release of the mode, according to Gamespot.

According to the studio, Forge Mode will give gamers map-editing tools that can be used on any Arena or Breakout map.

"Building with Forge was a slow and methodical process, and we felt that was the first thing we needed to fix," 343 Industries wrote in the Halo Waypoint blog. "We wanted to streamline building so users could build faster, build prettier, and build more, more and more!"

"We took philosophical cues from professional level edition tools to redesign our core systems to make them more powerful while maintaining fluid controller-based editing," the studio added. "It was important for us to rip out arbitrary restrictions in order to unshackable map builders, empowering more creativity with every piece placed, enabling imagination to run rampant, and find ideas that we never even expected."

As noted by the studio, Forge Mode will come out sometime in December as a free service. As users play with the editing tools, 343 Industries will be collecting feedback from them regarding areas that need to be improved. In addition, the studio will also release constant updates and new features for the mode.

"Halo 5: Guardians," the latest installment from Microsoft's popular sci-fi first-person shooter series, officially came out on October 27 exclusively for the Xbox One console. Almost immediately after its release, the game broke the franchise's record by earning about $400 million during its launch day.