Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Capcom's "Street Fighter" game series, discussed the important character details of "Street Fighter 5."

In addition, Ono also said that Xbox One owners should consider getting a PlayStation 4 console if they want to enjoy the upcoming game.

The game producer discussed the details of the game during the Paris Games Week event, which also served as the stage for the debut of the updated Dhalsim character.

According to Ono, although the game will feature old and classic characters, like the recently introduced Indian yogi, these were still updated through new design features and improvements.

Dhalsim, for instance, looks a bit older in "Street Fighter 5" with his bushy beard. In addition, the character has been equipped with a new set of moves.

"We have a lot of discussions about who we want to add and what form they will take if they are added," Ono told Gamespot. "For Dhalsim, for example, he's a returning character, but he's also got a new look, his techniques and moves are new, and he's been rebalanced."

"We try and pick people in a way that there's a balanced selection of characters so the players have a level playing field when they want to get started," he added.

Aside from new character designs, Ono also confirmed that a new set of characters will also come out after the game's official release. Currently, the game's roster is composed of 16 fighters, including Dhalsim.

But, after the game's debut, Capcom aims to launch one new character every two months. Which means during the game's first post-launch year, players can expect to see six new characters.

 "Street Fighter 5" is set to come out for the North American market on February 16 next year and it will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Since the game will be exclusively released to the PlayStation 4 console, this means Xbox One gamers will not have a chance to play it. For Ono, however, the only way Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy the upcoming fighting game is to purchase Sony's next gen console.

"There's plenty of time to save $300 before the game comes out," he jokingly said. "The PlayStation 4 is at a very attractive point at the moment."

Of course, it's highly possible that Xbox One owners also have a PC, which means they don't have to get a new console just to play the game.