Development studio Ghost Games has promised to release a new update to fix some of the major issues of its newly released game "Need for Speed."

According to the developer, the upcoming update, dubbed as Living Game, will address the game's balancing issues that are affecting its AI features, NDTV reported.

The latest "Need for Speed" title, which serves as a reboot of the entire franchise, officially came out in North America on November 3. This was then followed by the release of the game in Europe on November 5.

Shortly after the game's debut, various gamers started complaining about the AI controlling the other cars. As highlighted in various reviews, the game's AI feature can be frustrating because it allows computer-controlled opponents to zip past gamers during the last laps of the race. Also, even though gamers manage to hold the lead for almost the entire time, they can still be easily overtaken by the AI cars.

In response to this issue, Ghost Games assured fans of the racing title that it will release an update that will hopefully improve the game's balancing.

"We've been reading your feedback over the launch period, alongside media reviews and taking stock," Ben Walke of Ghost Games wrote on the game's official website.

"One of the big talking points that we've seen has been 'rubber banding' or 'AI Catchup,'" he added. "Taking this feedback on board, the work is already underway to balance the AI, and this will be live alongside the first Living Game update."

Aside from the balancing issues, the update will also fix some of the minor bugs and glitches in the game. It will also come with new features such as additional daily challenges, Trophies and Achievements and Editor options.

According to the studio, the Living Game update will be released sometime during the last week of this month.

Although Ghost Games consider AI Catchup as one of the game's major problems, for gamers though, it is not. They are actually more frustrated at the always-online requirement of the game.

According to the developers, a constant online connection is needed in the game to drive its story and generate matches. But for gamers, this is considered as an annoying feature because aside from disconnection issues, they cannot pause the game during a match because they are playing with other human players, as noted by PlayStation Lifestyle.

But, as a trade-off, Ghost Games noted that it will not launch a microtransaction system for the game or release paid DLCs.