Amy Pascal, the former chairperson for Sony's Motion Pictures Group, has received the green light to work on a film focusing on the GamerGate controversy.

The film will revolve around the experiences of Zoe Quinn, an independent video game developer, who was one of the main targets of the harassment campaign, according to Gamerant.

The development of the film was given the go-signal after Pascal was able to secure the rights to produce a movie based on Quinn's memoir "Override: Hoe to Save the Internet from Itself." It details the story of Quinn, creator of the game "Depression Quest," and how she became one of the targets of the GamerGate movement, The Verge reported.

Her harassment began in August of last year after her ex-boyfriend released a blog post about their relationship. The post claimed that Quinn was only received positive publicity for "Depression Quest" because she was dating a journalist at the time of its development.

This then led various Internet users to attack Quinn through rape and death threats sent to her online accounts. According to Quinn, the harassment she experienced was so severe that it made a major impact on her life.

"I used to go to game events and feel like I was going home," Quinn told BBC in 2014. "Now it's just like...are any of the people I'm currently in the room with ones that said they wanted to beat me to death?"

"It's terrifying," she added. "It sucks to not have any privacy. This has all been so public. It's more scrutiny than a politician faces - it's living with constant fear in a place I called home."

Aside from Quinn, other female personalities connected to the gaming industry, such as Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian, eventually went through the same experience due to the misogynic nature of the GamerGate controversy. Like Quinn, they also faced similar forms of harassment due to their actions and criticism against supporters of the movement.

As for the film based on Quinn's experiences, the movie will be produced by Pascal's Pascal Pictures. It's screenplay are currently being drafted by The Wall Street Journal and The Economist journalists Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum.

The cast of the upcoming film is not yet confirmed but various sources noted that Scarlett Johansson is attached to star in it as Quinn. It is also not yet clear when the film will be released or what its final title will be.