Jeremy Lin and Ryan Higa have a lot of things in common. For instance, both of them love basketball, video games, and YouTube. Lin has been featured on many of Higa’s popular YouTube channel in recent years. Lin answered questions from fans on how his friendship with Higa developed during a Reddit AMA session on Sept. 24.

Lin, a newly signed point guard for the Charlotte Hornets is a professional basketball player, who makes time for friends. In his downtime, he enjoys uploading humorous videos to his YouTube channel. He met Higa, one of the most popular and viewed YouTube stars when he was in Los Angeles.

“I met Ryan and Kevjumba a longgg time ago when I first was interested in starting a Youtube channel in LA,” said Lin. “I didnt know Ryans actually pretty shy with strangers in real life so I thought he hated me after our first interaction.”

Higa seems to be very outgoing in his videos, but it turns out that he is shy around strangers, especially 6’3” basketball stars with a cult following. Although Lin is currently stationed in the East Coast, he and Higa play DOTA, a computer game every single week. He also visits Higa from time to time.

Lin’s favorite type of food is Chinese food. But in particular, he loves his mom’s authentic cuisine. He described her pastry as awesome, her fried rice as the best, and her carrot dish as amazing. He admitted that he sometimes opts for Chinese takeout food at Panda Express.

But even I can't turn down a Panda Express meal every once in drives my mom insane when I go there to eat though haha,” said Lin.

As an NBA player, Lin trains at the gym and is also kept on a strict diet by his personal trainer. Lin said that when his trainer let him cheat on a meal, he ordered a bunch of food from McDonalds.