Jeremy Lin logged into Reddit AMA for the first time in his life on Sept. 24. Lin answered questions with honesty, in regards to his Christian faith and his goals in life. He also revealed insider information on the NBA and its players.

Lin said that the most difficult part of being a Christian in the NBA is the issue of pride. He said that it is hard to stay humble, when everyone is constantly bombarding him with compliments.

“I would say the toughest temptation is dealing with pride because being in the NBA everyone tells you how awesome you are,” said Lin. “We have been visiting some churches in the area but haven't settled on anywhere yet. Thank you for your prayers.”

Although Lin enjoys fame and fortune, he said that his truth worth is in Jesus Christ. The 6’3” point guard shared that the highs and lows of his career has taught him the important of his Christian faith.

“The most important lesson I learned is that no amount of success or failure will fill the void inside my heart that yearns for joy, purpose and fulfillment,” said Lin. “Going through the highs of Linsanity and the lows of being cut have reminded me just how important it is to find my true worth in Jesus Christ.”

Many fans asked Lin questions about Kobe Bryant, the star player of the Los Angeles Lakers. They asked if Bryant had to take off his shoes at Lin’s house and also asked Lin about one thing that most people do not know about Bryant.

Lin said that his house rules apply to everyone, without discrimination. “Even my momma needs to take her shoes off in my house,” said Lin. He also revealed that Bryant goes to and from games in a helicopter. The windows of the helicopter are tinted.