Yoona Lim of Girls’ Generation is the last member of SNSD to create an Instagram account. Yoona made hers on Sunday, Sept. 27. She posted 79 photos and gained 20.5K followers in one day. She is following 25 different accounts.

Yoona is following all of the original members of SNSD, including Jessica Jung who is no longer an active member. Yoona follows Jessica, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Sunny.

Yoona also follows A Pink’s Naeun Son and SNSD’s manager. Yoona follows many fan-made accounts.

She is also following her ex-boyfriend Seunggi Lee, an actor and singer. Yoona and Seunggi broke up in Aug. 2015 after a two-year relationship. Their busy schedules which revolve around their careers in entertainment was cited as the reason behind the fallout.

The K-pop star is 25 years old. She has starred in multiple South Korean dramas, such as ‘You Are My Destiny,’ ‘Love Rain,’ and ‘Prime Minister and I.’ In 2015, she starred in the Chinese drama ‘Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long.’

Yoona began working with SM Entertainment in 2002, when she joined SM’s Saturday Open Casting Audition. She is reported to have trained nonstop for five years as a trainee.

Yoona is one of the most successful SM stars, but prior to her debut, she had thoughts of giving up on singing. She said that one of the choreographers encouraged her to keep pursuing her dream, because regardless of her low singing voice, her dancing was impeccable.

SNSD is currently promoting ‘Lion Heart,’ their fifth studio album.