Justin Bieber surprised Noah, a boy with down syndrome by visiting him on the latest episode of ‘Knock Knock Live,’ a reality television show. Noah was born with a heart condition and down syndrome. He is raised by Nakia, a single father. The episode aired on FOX on Tuesday, July 28.

Nakia is an inspirational hip-hop artist, who performs and records music with his son Noah. Bieber asked Nakia if he could perform for him. Nakia gave Bieber a performance and handed the mic over to Noah, who rapped on stage. Bieber told Nakia that he heard of his financial struggles.

Bieber called Noah an “inspiration to kids with disabilities” and to “kids who are struggling to fit in.” He said that when people see Noah, they will be reminded that “anyone can fit in” and “do what they love” regardless of life's circumstances.

“God’s got a plan for your life and a purpose,” said 21-year-old Bieber.

The singer reached into his jean pocket and took out a $50,000 check. When he handed the check to Nakia, the father broke down in tears. Nakia thanked Bieber and gave him a hug. He said that to see Bieber and to receive a check from him was “hard to process.” Friends cheered as they saw Bieber’s act of generosity. Nakia said that he felt like he was on “cloud 956.”

Carmer Clifton, Nakia’s girlfriend nominated the family for a door knock. Noah was born with down syndrome and had to have open heart surgery as an infant. Doctors told Nakia that Noah would not be able to walk or talk.

“My faith in God will make you question everything you were taught in school,” said Nakia to the doctors, in response to the diagnosis.

They took a group photo with Bieber, before parting ways. The singer tweeted that there is “no better feeling than giving back” and that he was “blessed to be a part of this,” on Tuesday, July 28.