Xiang Liujuan tragically lost her life in an unexpected escalator accident at Anliang mall in Jingzhou, China on Sunday, July 26. In a matter of seconds, she pushed her toddler son to safety. She was 30 years old.

A video surveillance footage shows Liujuan traveling up an escalator with her two-year-old son. She is dressed in a white shirt, black skirt. Her dark hair is styled up.

Two female mall employees dressed in pink shirts are standing at the top of the escalator. They are seen watching Liujuan and her son from a close distance.

Liujuan and her son step off the escalator and onto a metal platform. Suddenly, the ground falls from underneath her two feet. The escalator is still moving.

While in a state of shock, Liujuan pushes her son to an employee, ensuring his safety. A third employee comes forward to help, but it is no use. Liujuan is taken down to the escalator shaft, against all avail.

Liujuan’s lifeless body was found after four hours, when the escalator that caused the death was dismantled by workers.

“It’s believed that loose screws on the footplate caused the accident,” reported the Shanghaiist.

Prior to Sunday, maintenance work was done on the Anliang escalator. Wuhan Evening News reported unconfirmed information that escalator workers “forgot to secure the panel back in place.”

“Netizens questioned why the escalator did not stop after the victim fell inside. Some also pointed out witnesses should have pushed the emergency button to stop the escalator,” reported Hong Kong Free Press.