Microsoft HoloLens is Augmented Reality that Won't Make You Dizzy [Watch Video]

Microsoft HoloLens - Augmented Reality
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If you are one of those people who have shied away from augmented reality because it makes you dizzy, then that is about to change. HoloLens, Microsoft's augmented reality gear, has solved this long time issue for everyone.

One of the worst problems in using augmented reality gears is it can make the user nauseous. This is brought about by the latency of vision that the user sees in the glasses and the head movements. Often times, the head movement is slightly faster than the visual, which causes a short yet dizzying blur.

But with HoloLens, the visuals are in sync with the user's head movements, as if they actually exist in the wearer's surroundings. Those who have tried it are pretty impressed with the new gadget, and have described it as the "most seamless experience."

Apart from keeping things in place while wearing it, the new headgear from Bill Gates' team is packed with out-of-this-world specs.

At the Build Conference 2015, tech experts were given a a chance to try on Microsoft's latest augmented reality gadget. And to those who are eager to hear about the result would be glad to know that HoloLens did not disappoint.

Although the new gear was still in its development stages at the time, those who have tried it said that it made them into a developer, where they were able to create applications. The trial, according to Tech Radar, was meant to let users experience how easy it was to develop for the new VR gear, and also showed them what people will experience when they use it.

"Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer. It enables high-definition holograms to come to life in your world, seamlessly integrating with your physical places, spaces, and things. We call this experience mixed reality. Holograms mixed with your real world will unlock all-new ways to create, communicate, work, and play," Microsoft describes its new launch on its official site.

To those unaware, virtual reality and augmented reality are two different things. Virtual reality is a "completely virtual world" that users can create; while augmented reality is a mixture of both real life and a virtual environment.

Companies have created virtual reality devices about 20 years ago, but none have perfected it, not even Nintendo with its Virtual Boy. No one has tried to release a new VR gadget in a very long time, because it proved to be quite a challenge to develop.

Microsoft has not made any official announcement on the HoloLens' release date and price, but rumors say that it is expected to be released on December 2015.

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