A leak from the German PlayStation blog accidentally revealed the line-up of free games for PS Plus members for May this year.

But since Sony has not yet released an official statement to confirm the free status of the games for the PS Plus, various sources doubt the inclusion of certain titles in the company's latest offering, Franchise Herald reported.

For the PlayStation 4, the upcoming free games include "Rayman Legends" and "Knack." For the PlayStation 3, on the other hand, the blog claimed gamers will be able to enjoy the free versions of "Need for Speed Rivals" and "Shovel Knight."

Lastly, Sony' handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, will get "Fruit Ninja" and "Asphalt Injection."

The news site Tech News Today noted even without Sony's confirmation, it is highly possible that some of the mentioned titles may be released as free games. For instance, "Need for Speed Rivals" and "Rayman Legends" were already released for free through Games with Gold and EA Access respectively.

The inclusion of "Shovel Knight," on the other hand, is a bit suspicious according to the site. Since the 2D side-scrolling platform game from Yacht Club Games was only recently released on April 21 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, it's highly unlikely that Sony will give it away for free.

In addition, through a marketing perspective, launching "Shovel Knight" as a free game for PS Plus members could affect Sony's consumers. Since gamers spent around $20 to purchase the game, offering it for free days after its official release could discourage them from buying other titles in the future.

Despite the speculations surrounding the leak, there are no confirmations yet as to which games will be included in Sony's list of free games for May. The company will probably announce the official line-up within the next couple of days.