"Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones," a former Wii-U exclusive game from publisher Curve Studios, is now a multi-platform title.

The game debuted on the Xbox One console on April 3 and is scheduled to hit PlayStation consoles later this month, Game Informer reported.

"Stealth Inc. 2," the second installment of the "Stealth Inc." series, is a platform-based game that involves solving various puzzles. In the sequel, players take on the role of a clone who must escape from a high-tech secret testing facility.

The game was first released exclusively for Nintendo's Wii-U console in 2014. At the time of its initial release, Curve Studios was prevented from debuting the game on Microsoft's consoles due to the company's parity clause. Basically, this agreement hinders development studios from releasing games for Xbox consoles if these already arrived for non-Microsoft consoles, according to IGN.

Fortunately, the studio was able to get around the clause with the release of "Stealth Inc. 2" for the Xbox One. Gamers can purchase the game for Microsoft's next-gen console for $14.99.

Aside from Microsoft, the game will also arrive for Sony's PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a cross-buy game on April 7. The PlayStation version of the game will have the same price as its Xbox One edition.

As to what gamers can expect for the "Stealth Inc." sequel, the game's design director Jonathan Biddle said the development team expanded the title's game play experience.

The director said the second installment focuses more on the various equipment that players can use.

"What we wanted to do this time was weave the equipment more fully into the game, make it more of an integral part," Biddle told IGN. "Now we have the idea that the facility is testing lots of different gadgets. The first game was the goggles, but different areas test different things."

"In the first part if the game you'll explore where the goggles are made and do tests based on them," he continued. "Then you move onto a new section and explore another bit of equipment."