An executive from Sony implied that things are not shaping up well for the free PlayStation Plus version of the company's racing game "Driveclub."

In an interview with Metro, the chief of Sony's PlayStation Europe, Jim Ryan, was not able to provide a clear answer after he was asked when gamers can expect to see the game.

"That's still being looked at," the executive said about the release of the game's PS Plus edition.

"I can't say anything at this stage," Ryan added.

"Driveclub" was originally set to be released sometime in late 2013. However, weeks before its launch, Sony clarified that its release date has been pushed back to early 2014. The racing simulation game was then delayed for a second time and was finally released to the public in October of last year, Game Spot reported.

However, days after its debut, Sony began to receive a lot of complaints regarding the game's PS Plus edition. According to the company, the game's online servers cannot handle the volume of traffic it was receiving at that time. Due to the prevailing problems, Sony was forced to shut down the game's online network.

Since then, Sony has not yet released an official statement as to when "Driveclub" will return online.

During the interview with Metro, Ryan noted that Sony has learned its mistakes with the release of the racing game. Despite the numerous delays, he said that the problems with the servers emerged because the game's technical capabilities were not yet fully completed when "Driveclub" was released.

"That's not to excuse publishing something that's not fit for purpose," he said in the interview. "In any form of entertainment, in any business...whether it's a washing machine, whether it's a book, whether it's television, whether it's a video game you shouldn't put something out until it's ready."

"One would hope, and certainly we've learnt an awful lot from the 'Driveclub' experience, that those mistakes, once made, should not be repeated," Ryan continued.

The Sony executive then went on to say that as a result of what happened with "Driveclub," the company has enforced stricter quality assurance procedures in developing future games.