KCCC Dance Off
(Photo : KCCC Media & Photography Ministry)
KCCC Dance Off


On Friday night, at Oriental Mission Church in Korea Town, KCCC (Korea Campus Crusade for Christ) hosted their 4th Dance-Off Gethsemane. Around 300 students from college campuses all over Southern California gathered at this church to show off their talents and devotion to God through their bodies. Several of ABDC’s dancers who were believers, like Yuri Tag, and the SODM Dance Co. were invited as judges.

In the book of Psalms, there is a very famous story of King David who danced with jubilee as the Ark of the Covenant was being brought to the Temple in Jerusalem. KCCC students and members of KCCC took this story literally, and used hip hop dance culture that was often considered ungodly and secular, not for their own worldly desires but to glorify God.

10 teams participated in this worship, representing their campuses. The theme of this year’s Dance-Off was Christ. The judges selected the winners by how creative the performance was and how well the theme and message was delivered. The theme was extremely important because every KCCC Dance-Off was also a great opportunity to invite non-Christian friends not only to enjoy over 10 performances of hip hop dances but also to get to learn about the love of Christ through the dances.,

After all the performances were over, Yuri Tag was invited on stage to give a testimony about how she started dance and how she became a believer. As she was traveling around the country performing, she got to learn about Christ through another dancer she met at a hotel she was staying at. Her message was that there are in fact more believers in the entertainment industry that we believe, and she stated that she hoped to be used by God as a missionary in her field.

At the very end of the event, UC Riverside was selected as the winner, and USC was second place. The campuses were selected through audience vote and judge evaluations. The prize money given to the two campuses will be used to support student missionaries from UC Riverside and USC who will leave this summer.