A spokesman for the Taliban warned that it will resume its war with America if Biden undoes US President Trump's efforts to remove American soldiers from Afghanistan, a report says.

Mohammad Naeem Wardak, spokesman for Taliban's political office in Qatar, told the Khaama Press that the Taliban's peace agreement with US President Trump was with America, not the POTUS. Wardak, however, warned that in the event that Biden takes the seat and walks back on the deal, and refuses to withdraw American soldiers and take them back home, the Taliban will without a doubt resume its war with the United States.

The spokesman indicated that since the agreement was with the US as a country, the Taliban expects Biden to respect the peace deal, if ever he becomes president. If he doesn't however, they will respond in kind:

"The peace agreement was a big change and it stopped the war, it was not with Donald Trump, but with the United States government," Wardak said. "We believe that Biden administration will respect this agreement; but if the Biden administration does not accept this agreement, our war against the United States will resume and will continue until they leave Afghanistan."

President Trump initiated talks with the Taliban and the official Afghanistan government with the intention to end the war between the parties. The deal would result to the homecoming of American soldiers deployed to the middle-eastern country, and a period of peace between US and Taliban, Breitbart News reported.

The peace talks have been largely successful since it started. Civilian casualties in Afghanistan have declined significantly - it was down to its lowest number in eight years in 2020. American soldiers also reported fewer attacks by the Taliban as compared to the time before the peace talks began. Attacks on the Afghanistan military, however, continued.

"We reached an agreement after two years of negotiations with the United States, so it will take some time to resolve the issue between the Afghans, because the war in the country has been going on for 20 years," Wardak said of the peace process and the Taliban's relationship with the Afghanistan government.

Wardak also indicated that the war in Afghanistan will always continue and will always be legitimate unless foreign forces occupying the country will be removed. He added that while innocent people are killed and end up as casualties in the ensuing war between parties, the Taliban do not deliberately target people to kill them.

The Taliban spokesman concluded that the war will continue to rage on unless occupying foreign forces leave the country, and until an Islamic regime is established to govern it.


US President Trump considers the peace deal with Afghanistan an achievement.

Earlier this year, the White House published an article that outlines the achievements that the Trump administration has with regards to bringing peace in Afghanistan, and bringing American soldiers back to the United States and into their homes.

"We are working to finally end America's longest war and bring our troops back home," President Trump said of the war that has been waged since 2001, after the attack on Sept. 11.

Trump recently announced plans to reduce the number of American soldiers in Afghan soil to 2,500 by January next year, something the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agrees with.

While the Trump administration placed a high priority on the peace talks with Afghanistan, the Biden administration, on the other hand, doesn't seem to think much of it.

The Biden-Harris Transition website doesn't include the Peace talks in the list of issues or matters the Biden administration will prioritize if ever he is officially declared the President. Foreign policies aren't even included in the list.